purush aayog

purush aayog to protect rights of men

men rights activists in India try to help those men who are looking/ seeking/ searching for purush ayyog for the protection of rights of men be it protection from false cases, protection of human rights, protection from false and arbitrary arrest so it would be better to understand purush aayog functionaries in delhi and it’s inception.


how to file complaint in purush aayog

a husband seeking to register himself with purush aayog or any man who wants to lodge complaint against his wife or any other lady due to harassment, must understand the basics for how to file complaint in purush aayog in delhi because purush aayog guides men on these steps:-

(1)       Write complaint against wife

(2)       File Lego-Technical Allegations

(3)       Generate and collect evidences against wife or girlfriend

(4)       Counter case must be lodged as a FIR

(5)       File complaint with purush aayog as per directions but to relevant authority as suggested by team purush aayog in delhi.


what is purush aayog

purush mantralaya is known as the ministry for men, which may work for the betterment of men as soon as government brings it into conception, so purush aayog is understandable in following ways:-

(1)       It is a body of men helping men

(2)       Man to Man Solutions are provided to men

(3)       Purush Helpline serves purpose of guiding men to file FIR against wife

(4)       Defensive Offense against wife in false cases is need of the hour

(5)       Purush aayog is an organisation to help men in need

(6)       Men Call and Man Cell are parts of team purush aayog


where is purush aayog

purush aayog is located at central, south, east, west and north delhi however men are advised not to reach the office as the purush aayog facility works round the clock at your convenience from the location of purush aayog in delhi and some offices of purush aayog can be found at:-

(1)       Man Cell in Rohini West

(2)       Men Cell near Shalimar Bagh Village

(3)       Purush Aayog near Tuglakabad Extension

(4)       Team Purush Aaayog at Burari Village

(5)       Purush Aayog Samiti for men

(6)       All India purush aayog email helpline at aturchatur@yahoo.com

(7)       Contact Number of purush aayog in delhi at 9873540498

(8)       Delhi NCR team purush aayog

(9)       Man Rights Activists to save Indian families in Delhi


advantages and disadvantages of registering your complaint with purush aayog

complaint registered with purush aayog may not turn into a FIR but on suggestions from aturchatur’s purush aayog in delhi, the FIR may of course get registered hence these are the merits of lodging your complaint with men cell in delhi:-

(1)       Saves time and efforts in courtroom

(2)       Helps solve the cases faster

(3)       Zero Alimony is found in most cases

(4)       Low cost settlement option possible only with purush aayog

(5)       Demerits of advocates weeded out

(6)       Removal of wife’s advocate assistance by team purush Aayog in delhi

(7)       Counter attack on wife to solve all false cases on husband

(8)       Helps husband wife counseling

(9)       Custody cases are decided in favor of husband/ father of the child


where is purush helpline in delhi

on the question of the address of purush aayog of delhi, the locations are similar to the ones given for where is purush helpline in delhi but so far as the fight for your rights is concerned, it must be on basis of following five strategies:-

(1)       Vacillating stand and engineering of new allegations not required

(2)       Bail is a rule and jail is an exception

(3)       Emotions out while fighting false cases

(4)       Anticipatory Bail and Quash are waste of time and resources

(5)       Bail and Quash comes with conditions and travel restrictions for NRI


how purush aayog helps husbands

purush aayog helps husband in these nine ways:-

(i)                Settlement of matter in mediation

(ii)               Removal of lawyer of wife

(iii)             Fighting party in person

(iv)             NOT allowing judge to deny your preliminary objections

(v)              Solving the matter in lower court

(vi)             Do NOT allow framing of false charges

(vii)           Copy Paste Charge Sheet of FIR must be challenged

(viii)          Fair and unbiased investigation

(ix)             Protection from arbitrary arrest


what is the role of purush aayog in caw cell

In CAW cell, the lady officer handling the crime against woman cell complaint looks after a man with great degree of suspicion as if he is a proven murderer and wife comes waiving her hips in CAW Cells of Delhi or elsewhere in India like say Mahila Thana, Mahila Court, All Women PS or with similar names and the role of purush aayog in caw cell is:-

(1)       To close false CAW Cell complaint

(2)       NOT allow the FIR to get registered on basis of a false CAW

(3)       Get CAW Complaint copy through RTI

(4)       Pressing the charges against the biased Investigating/ Enquiry officer

(5)       Get written assistance for closing parallel court cases

(6)       Filing maintenance/ divorce/ DV ws/reply by the husband

(7)       Assistance in how to divorce from a cruel wife

(8)       Helping NRI quash of the FIR u/s 498a

(9)       Getting court records and certified copies and filing of RTI using the help of RTI consultant in Delhi


purush aayog kya hai

it is a service for the help of men in Delhi especially NRI husbands from all over India as follows:-

(A)      It’s a team to help MAN BY MAN

(B)      Suggests Woman versus Woman type counters

(C)      Shows learning material and free ebooks to men in need

(D)      Helpline for men from all walks of society

(E)       Solving court cases in mediation using SC Judgments

(F)       Removal of corrupt IO/ Judge or Mediator and OP’s AOR

(G)      Advocate Removal of well qualified wife from Family Court


how purush aayog can help?

A team/ helpline from purush aayog can help men in India as follows:-

(a)       By teaching WS tactics

(b)       Also suggesting NIP-IT-IN-THE-BUD tactics

(c)       Band Aid Approach to solving cases

(d)       One Short Allegations formula taught to men

(e)       Counter cases against wife can be filed


How purush aayog began?

With efforts of aturchatur in 2014, the team men cell and man cell and also purush aayog began it’s operations in Delhi and adjoining areas:-

(a)       Helps men, boys and husbands and also NRI husbands

(b)       Offers special Non Resident Indians related assistance

(c)       NRI helpline for closing of false 498a

(d)       NRI Quash Helpline in DELHI

(e)       Man Cell in Delhi by the name DELHI MEN CELL

(f)            Counter Cases against Wife Implementation and Enforceability in Delhi


What media says about purush aayog

Media is confused about purush aayog as INDIAN govt has NOT started any mantralaya or ministry for men

(1)       Cases by men are under-reported

(2)       Men are committing suicide in India

(3)       WIFES Suicides declining and Husbands increasing with projectile speed as per latest statistics

(4)       Media is silent on crime against men as TRP declines very fast in such cases

(5)       Social Media may offer assistance but to a limited sense due to very few helpers


Purush aayog’s history

Historically, the founder of purush aayog i.e., ATUR CHATUR himself had been bitten by the bug of false cases and he fought and came out of these false cases and is now helping by purush helpline establishment in India/ Delhi and this service of purush aayog helpline in Delhi is being popularloy referred to as Non Residents Indians Husbands’ helpline for 498a i.e., NRI 498A HELPLINE INDIA as it helps them close false cases without any advocate and without even coming to India.

(1)       Journey started from 2014 for purush aayog

(2)       Before the journey fought for few years by purush aayog founders

(3)       Helps men in India close false 498a

(4)       Best 498A Helpline for Non Resident Indian husbands in Delhi

(5)       Email Helpline of purush aayog in Delhi is historically helpling record number of cases in ALL INDIA


Therefore, it can be seen that, DELHI MEN CELL or PURUSH AAYOG are the services started by atur chatur from Delhi using his expert assistance and they may be contacted round the clock at:-

Email :-   aturchatur@yahoo.com

Call :-      9873540498